Pigment Foil

Pigment series available

  • DLC (Matte, Black, White and Colours)
  • DGC (Gloss, Black, White and Colours)
  • LA (Matte, Black, White and Colours)
  • PP (Digital Foil, Black and White)
  • Grateux Foil (Silver and Gold)

Pigment Plastic series available

  • PG (Silver and GOLD)
  • PP (Black, White and Colours)
  • PS (Black, White and Colors)
  • MF (Black, White and Colours)
  • CC (Black and White)
  • MAS (Silver)

Things to know about Foilgrafix

  • Most orders are sent the same day.
  • Minimum order quantity is 24" or 25" x 200'.
  • Available core 1" and 3".
  • No charge on cutting orders
  • Our foils are used for embossing and decorating a wide range of products, such as paper, plastics, film or textiles.

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